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I started working as a freelance technical translator and editor in 1997. Since then I have worked as a staff translator and project leader with translation companies in Germany (transline Deutschland GmbH: 2000-2001) and Sweden (Euronomen AB: 2001-2004). This experience has given me a good insight into the role of a project leader. I know how important it is for a client to work with a translator who can provide quick answers, solve problems efficiently and deliver high-quality translations on time.

I have spent six years studying and working in Germany. Parallel with my language studies (a Master's degree in German in 2000) I worked for a number of IT companies and translation agencies in Munich.

To gain a fuller insight into Swedish I studied Swedish Language at the University of Skövde 2005-2006.

For further details, please refer to my CV or contact me direct for any specific information you may require.